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Talis Kimberley is an award-winning songwriter with a hatful of amazing songs to her credit. She’s been writing and performing for 25 years, and her songs have been inspired by – and continue to address – such diverse subjects as knitting, books, washing lines, politics, history, and the making of lists! Some of her songs are a call to arms to create communities and work together for a fairer and more sustainable world - while another may tell you how to make bread, or tell you about the history of the Cotswold sheep.

Talis's first studio album 'Archetype Cafe' is full, as she puts it, 'of bolshy women and literature'. By the time she was recording 'The Hearth and the Hive' her songs were focussing on climate change and resource depletion, but still – always – telling stories. The next studio album, 'Queen of Spindles', takes the same stories away from the global stage into the kitchen and garden, and here too, the emphasis is still on the story.

Talis has been writing prolifically for longer than she's been performing, and in an attempt to catch up on her output, she's begun releasing a series of themed 'mini-albums' with a more intimate acoustic feel than the previous recordings. The first of these is 'Cloth of Gold – Songs of Sheep and Farming', inspired by the Cotswold sheep and the rural year – and still telling stories through the songs.
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